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Intro to Single Variable Calculus
(Calculus AB)

Tuition $900

August 26, 2024- 
May 23, 2025
Live meeting
days and times TBD by early registrants

Primary text is
Thomas' Calculus,
supplemented by
the AoPS Calculus text
for the Honors Track. 

What's Included?

  • Two live, interactive weekly zoom meetings where we work out the important details of each topic together (sessions will be recorded and videos posted for later viewing as well)
  • Weekly live office hour with Dr. Finotti, and a second hour available on request 
  • Weekly problem sets and formal writing problems with written feedback, to allow students sufficient practice for mastery and retention but without falling into "drill and kill" over-repetition.
  • Extra Challenge questions for Honors track students to dig into for extra depth/breadth, beyond even what a college level Calculus course would normally offer
  • Periodic quizzes/short exams given throughout the course to assess mastery and identify any areas needing further study 
  • Optional exploratory videos and text references 
  • Optional further practice problem lists, for those that want more practice on any given topic.
  • Optional weekly student run problem sessions
  • The choice between a graded track (where I issue a letter grade at the end of the course) and a non-graded certificate awarding track (where I do not issue a letter grade)

Rigorous Small Group Class 

With a class size capped at 12 students, we'll lay a strong foundation in this critical course.   Through our live, interactive classes, we'll delve deep into the fundamentals at the heart of Calculus, and then build from those fundamentals the many important results and applications  that spring forth from them.   

Our intention is always to create a growth focused, supportive, mistakes-embraced environment with the appropriate level of challenge to keep our students growing.

Please note the rigor of the content will be very much aligned with college level content. If you have any concerns about whether or not your student is ready for this course, please contact me through our Contact Page form.

While I will not teach to the AP exam, the content will cover all material needed for the AP Calculus AB exam and more.  For interested students there will be an option presented to join optional practice sessions in April and early May to support final preparations for the AB exam. 

*Note I will be obtaining AP certification for this course over the summer of 2024.


Discover the Joy of Calculus

 The Calculus of functions of one variable is arguably the most foundational course one can take for all of the mathematics that follows it.  Learning this subject deeply is incredibly helpful for supporting learning in all of the other STEM subjects as well, as it is the language that most STEM subjects are written in.  From simple ideas, incredibly powerful tools arise and we can apply those tools to a dizzying array of applications!  

I am personally a research Mathematician by training, with a focus in Applied Mathematics.  I have done research that impacts areas as disparate as human health (fetal heartbeat modeling and structuring of HIV treatment), to Ecology (species population modeling and its interdependence on distribution of food resources, subsurface water flow modeling to help track pollutants in our water system), to engineering applications ( fuel cell component modeling, metal alloy production modeling, polymer modeling) and more! As a result, I  have a wealth of experience and context to share with you in this journey!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact at, or through the form on our Contact page. 
Meet the instructor

Dr. Heather Finotti

In Calculus we find the tools where "the rubber" starts to really "hit the road".  Here we get to see in abundance how incredibly useful mathematics is in helping to solve difficult real-world problems.  Join me for a rigorous and playful year-long
college-level Calculus course.   
Patrick Jones - Course author

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