Join us in the 2024 Fall Semester for

"Calculus C" 

Tuition $450
August 5 2024- December 20 2024
meeting times and days TBD by early registrants

Primary text will be Thomas' Calculus 

"Calculus C" is a one semester course created to cover the important topics not covered in the AP Calculus AB  course that are covered in the BC course (hence the name "Calculus C"). 

In particular, we will:

begin by briefly reviewing and deepening understanding of the core concepts of derivatives 
review core concepts of integration and study additional techniques of integration (integration by parts, partial fraction decomposition, trig substitution)
learn about improper integrals and techniques for determining convergence/divergence   
study arc length and surface area
look at how to do calculus on parametric and polar curves and on vector-valued functions,
cover infinite sequences and series topics (including general power series, convergence tests, and Taylor Series),
and consider some differential equations topics not covered in Calculus AB, such as logistic growth models and Euler's method for numerically approximating solutions   

  The pace of this course will be much like the pace of a college math course (so, fast relative to a typical high school course)!  If you have any concern that your student may not have adequate time to devote to the course or adequate preparation to succeed in it, please contact us here.

What's Included?

  • Two live weekly zoom meetings, with a focus on interactive learning
  • Prep videos provided to watch prior to class as needed.
  • Weekly live office hour with Dr. Finotti 
  • Weekly problem sets and formal writing response problems with written feedback 
  • Optional Extra Challenge questions for those that want that extra depth/breadth, beyond what a typical college level Calculus course would offer
  • The choice between a graded track and a certificate of completion track 
  • Periodic quizzes and exams given throughout the course to assess mastery and find any areas needing further study, as well as a comprehensive final exam at the end of the semester long course.
  • Optional exploratory videos and text references 
  • Optional further practice problem lists, for those that want more practice on any given topic.
  • Optional weekly student run problem sessions

Rigorous Small Group Class 

With a class size capped at 12 students, we'll lay a strong foundation in this critical course.   Through our live, interactive classes, we'll rigorously complete the student's knowledge of college level single variable Calculus. 

Our intention is always to create a growth focused, supportive, mistakes-embraced environment with the appropriate level of challenge to keep our students growing.

Please note the content will be very much aligned with college level content, at the same level of rigor and a similar pace.   If you have any concerns about whether or not your student is ready for this course or whether or not they will have adequate time to devote to it, please contact us through our Contact Page form. 

Cap off Your Study of Calculus with some Interesting Topics and Gain Deeper Insight Into the Fundamentals

By starting off deepening and strengthening the core principles in differentiation and integration, we firm the foundation for proceeding into new topics the students have yet to explore. 

We move then into broadening (by quite a lot) the types of integrations the students can perform. And finally, we look at various useful applications of integration and differentiation that are important for addressing various STEM applications! 

Some of those applications include solving and approximating solutions to differential equations, Taylor  polynomial and Taylor series approximations of functions, computing arclength of a curve and surface area of a solid of rotation, doing Calculus on parametric curves, Calculus on vector-valued functions, and Calculus on polar functions as well!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact at, or through the form on our Contact page.
Meet the instructor

Dr. Heather Finotti

  In Calculus we find the tools where "the rubber" starts to really "hit the road". Here we get to see in abundance how mathematics is incredibly useful in solving difficult real-world problems. Join me for a rigorous, college level completion of Single Variable Calculus.   
Patrick Jones - Course author

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