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Linear Algebra for Accelerated Teens

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  August 12, 2024 - December 20, 2024
*Exact meeting days and times TBD by the early registrants 

This is a Fall Semester college level Linear Algebra for accelerated young learners! 

* The primary text is currently tbd (In the past I have used Gilbert Strang's Introductory text (MIT) primarly, and may use it again, but am assessing options).

*Prerequisites are strong knowledge of Algebra I and II, patient diligence with long multi-step computations, and readiness for a proof-based math course.

What's included?

  • Two live class meetings per week via zoom, with prep videos to watch as needed
  • Small class size capped at 12 students
  • Interactive live sessions recorded weekly via video
  • Submitted online or handwritten practice problems
  • Weekly formal proof writing practice with written feedback from Dr. Finotti
  • Two (optional) midterm exams and an end of semester cumulative final exam  (required for the graded track)
  • A set live weekly office hour with Dr Finotti 
  • A class site that allows students to interact  with each other between classes, ask questions, and share ideas!
  • Option between a graded track or completion certificate track
  • Optional reading and video resources to learn more about common real-world uses for matrix algebra

Revel in a Fascinating Subject with Peers Who Enjoy Math Too! 

In our regular live zoom meetings and through the class community message board, our linear algebra students will have the opportunity to explore the subject they love with a small group of like-minded peers. 

Class size will be capped at 12 students so that every student will have the necessary support and opportunity to interact and be heard. The class meetings will often be interactive with an instructor that encourages a growth-mindset, supportive, mistakes-encouraged environment. We'll always aim for an appropriate level of challenge to keep the group growing!

It is important to note that this class is proof-based. While it does contain computation as well, students will be writing proofs regularly in the homework sets. (It is for this reason that this course is typically taken after Calculus -- to ensure that a certain level of "mathematical maturity" is present.)  The level of rigor in this class will be that of a complete university level Linear Algebra course.   The pace of the class will be that of a college level linear algebra course, so it moves fast!  If you have any concern about whether or not   your child is ready for this course, please feel free to contact us here.

 Linear Algebra -- What's it Good for? 

 Throughout history we have seen that mathematical structures and ideas that were created long ago with seemingly no "real-world" application at the time, suddenly emerge as exactly what humanity needed to solve a pressing real world problem.   It has also often happened that some mathematical structure typically used in one domain (like Physics), later finds sudden important use in a very different domain (like Sociology).   

In Linear Algebra (often referred to as Matrix Algebra) we have a subject founded in the simple and highly practical purpose of solving systems of linear equations that evolved from there into something that is key to many areas of mathematics and underlies a vast array of real-world applications!  
Meet the instructor

Dr. Heather Finotti

Heather has been teaching mathematics for 27 years. She has a PhD in Mathematics and experience teaching all ages and in all stages of learning and life. She loves supporting people in finding their own unique relationship with mathematics, and helping students who already love to learn math really learn to soar! 
The last six years she's worked primarily with accelerated learners, both through private tutoring and teaching group classes.  If you'd like to learn more about her, check out this page.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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