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Tuition: $875

August 12, 2024  - May 16, 2025

 Exact meeting days and times TBD by early registrants

Full year PreCalculus course using a to-be-determined primary text
(we likely will use the AoPS Intermediate Algebra and PreCalculus as either the primary texts, or at least as supplementary texts) 

What's included?

  • One live hour and fifteen minutes interactive zoom meeting weekly, for a full school year
  • Class size capped at 12 students
  • Weekly class sessions video recorded and available to watch on the class website
  • Option between graded track or completion certificate
  • Choose between the standard track (which is still rigorous and challenging) and the extra challenge track (good for students that are very interested in math or those that are training for math competitions)
  • Online or paper based homework sets with weekly writing response practice
  • Optional weekly office hour with Dr. Finotti by request
  • Optional weekly student run problem session

Delve deep in a small group

In the weekly live zoom meetings, prep videos, and interactions with fellow students, our PreCalculus students will have the opportunity to take a deep dive into the several mathematical topics.  This course is unique in that it covers a kind of "smattering" of various topics in order to fully prepare students for Calculus. 

 If your student is already proficient in the early topics of this course (functions and inverses, polynomial and rational function, and conic sections, for example) they can take a pretest to attempt to pass out of those topics and join the course later, so that they only cover those topics that they truly need.  The class cost will be prorated appropriately. If you feel your student falls into this category, please let us know in your registration request. 

Class size will be capped at 12 students so that every student will have the necessary support and opportunity to interact and be heard. The class meetings will be interactive in a growth-mindset, supportive, mistakes-encouraged environment with the appropriate level of challenge to keep the group growing!

Precalculus Topics

 Precalculus topics include: 

* general properties of functions and their   inverses,
* power, polynomial and rational functions,
* Conic sections 
* exponential and logarithmic functions
* sequences and series
* Trigonometry, trigonometric identities, and applications
* parametric curves, polar, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates
* low-dimensional (2 and 3) vectors and matrices
* complex numbers, geometry in the complex plane, and roots of unity (these topics are at the end of the course and are optional)

PreCalculus is a bit of a smattering of lots of topics -- essentially all the missing bits from prior courses needed to ensure a solid foundation for university level Calculus.   And while that may make it seem that these topics aren't quite as important somehow as what was learned prior, some of these topics are foundational to principles that are at the heart of modern math and science.  Come learn these topics with us and get to the heart of these important concepts!

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Meet the instructor

Dr. Heather Finotti

Heather has been teaching mathematics professionally since 1995. She has a PhD in Mathematics and experience teaching all ages in all stages of learning and life. She loves supporting people in finding their own unique relationship with mathematics, and helping students who already love math learn to really soar! 

The last seven years she's worked primarily with accelerated learners, both through private tutoring and teaching group classes. For more information about her background and philosopy, check out .
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