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Why Choose Love of Math?

We have developed our courses precisely to fill what we see as an important gap in online math education. Having educated in university classrooms for two decades and then taught online, and experiencing second hand various online courses our son has taken as a homeschooler, we've had the opportunity to experience the strengths and weaknesses of what is typically offered from each domain in a variety of contexts.

At Love of Math we are striving to meet and support our students through what our ample experience has shown us to be the best ways we can.  We are dedicated to small class sizes with a high level of support, because of a deep understanding that our students are generally far more capable than they are often given credit for in most settings, but also often need appropriate support to actuate their full potential.  Teaching under Uri Triesman in the early 00's, Heather learned the importance of high expectations matched with appropriately high levels of support. 

We are meeting via live (camera and microphone on!) classes that are aimed at being interactive and interesting, because our students are people and generally learn most easily through play with others within a safe, supportive, connected community.

When needed we may use preparatory videos to provide repetition of language, notation, and foundational ideas, to help aid long term retention.  But in our live classes we do not relegate teaching of material to videos alone.   Learning math happens in layers, and while we may set up an information scaffold through video,   the real learning happens in live, face-to-face interactions with instructors. 

 We do see that many people benefit from frequent quizzes and tests, if they can hold them in a healthy way emotionally, but we also know that test anxiety can be a very real and can cause far more harm than benefit. So, we offer the option to enroll without participating in these types of assessments, and we trust the judgement of the family to discern whether that option is best for their child at the moment or not. 

We are highly educated in our fields and value education immensely.  We take the opportunity to educate people in mathematics very seriously and believe that the benefits of a solid, rigorous mathematics education can be life-changing -- not only career-wise but, because of the logic and problem-solving skills built in the process -- through nearly every aspect of our lives.  The empowerment it can build is something we as mathematicians have lived and seen our students experience time and again. 

We also know that the pursuit of mathematics is one of creativity, joy, and beauty, and FUN. It it not always easy, but ease is not a requirement of enjoyment! With enough caring support through the rough spots, and opportunities to build  self-trust and self-efficacy in the subject, overcoming the challenges becomes part of the fun.

Our courses

Choose to set yourself up for long term success.

Set a Solid Foundation for Your Goals

Whether you use our "Rusty to Ready" series to prep for an upcoming college level math course, enroll in one of our full courses, receive tutoring one-on-one or in a group of up to three people, or take one of our parents or kids enrichment courses, we will help set you up for success in your mathematical journey over the long run.   
Interested in one-on-one Tutoring or private Courses Instead?

We work one-on-one as well.  Rates vary: 

Good old-Fashioned tutoring
Tutoring that requires no outside planning for the instructor, where the intention is to help clarify knowledge learned in an outside course. Cost starts at $60 an hour, and may depend on the course material level. 
  private instruction
Instructor planned lessons, tailored to your student, intended to teach the student material from scratch. Cost starts at $80 an hour and depends on the course level and primary text used. 
Something in between
Need something between plain-old tutoring and a private course tailored to your student?  Contact us to schedule a conversation. 
custom small group classes
If it's math, we can teach it.  Use the form to let us know what you would like us to offer and we'll schedule a conversation!

Contact us to inquire about your specfic needs and the associated cost here!

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Our students and parents have
a few nice things to say about us

"Ι am absolutely thrilled to be able to wholeheartedly recommend Love of Math and Heather Finotti for both students and parents. Ι am the parent of a gifted child, but one who believed that math was not an area where he could excel. Timed math facts tests and rote memorization had stripped him of his confidence early on, and one of his biggest fears was that he might be incapable of succeeding in higher math. As an aspiring computer scientist, he knew he needed a solid mathematical educational base, but he wasn't convinced he could achieve it.  

My son entered Heather's class afraid to ask questions for fear that someone might think he were stupid. He viewed math as a necessary evil- a means to an end. And he was easily frustrated when he didn't understand the material. That changed the longer he worked with Heather. The first time he had to admit he didn't know how to solve a problem, Heather's response was so full of grace, so calm, that he realized not knowing how to do something was ok. She worked with him for over an hour on one problem, gently prodding him to think in new directions with carefully crafted questions. Suddenly he realized that he could be wrong without being less-than. He could make mistakes without shame. He could grow. From there, he took off. He relished lectures with her, because he knew he'd be challenged without a fear of failure. He attacked problems sets with fervor, knowing that even those that he didn't get correct could offer a chance to learn a new concept. And he finally truly felt like he was in partnership with his instructor- that she was as invested in his learning as he was.  

His class with Heather was a turning point for us. Whereas math class had been a minefield, filled with big emotions and fears, it became a playground with fun stuff to explore and a soft place to land. Since then he's moved on to much more challenging mathematics, topics that would have been daunting before, but he's remembered what Heather taught him. Of course, she gave him an excellent base in algebraic thinking. But beyond that, she taught him how to be a student, how to learn, how to be a mathematician. And we are forever grateful. If your student has a chance to work with her, don't hesitate. And if you, as a parent, are terrified of math, consider working with her as well. She is truly an excellent teacher, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone."
Gina WaDe, parent of former student
"We couldn't be happier that Heather is working with our son. He is a total math nut and had been exploring extra-curricular math on his own, but he really needed someone to give his interest some structure. Heather has been able to focus his explorations toward known topics while also exposing him to new ways of thinking and reasoning. She's patient, curious, and kind, with an infectious enthusiasm, and has a knack for giving just the right amount of information to keep the joy of discovery alive. Heather also did a fantastic job of preparing him for a high school placement test this summer - because of her thorough teaching he was able to ace the test and achieve the math tract he wanted."

"I honestly can't recommend Heather enough. Not only is she overqualified, but she is also incredibly humble and exhibits a clear interest in helping others learn. Once you get to know her you realize that her passion for taking the anxiety out of mathematics is almost as deep as her knowledge of the subject itself. She is everything you could ask for in a math teacher; patient, humble, careful, thoughtful, and very knowledgeable. I took a vector calculus course with her during my undergraduate studies and, honestly, I have not had a better teacher since. My only regret is not having had the opportunity to learn mathematics with her sooner."
Jonathan Russ, PhD 
Postdoctoral Professor, Princeton University

"Well, where do I start?   My son was born with a passion for math -- the only books he read at early age were math books . At around the age of 8 he started learning Calculus on his own. It is about when I knew it was time for us to find a good tutor who could help him to organize everything he had learned so far and follow his passion. The challenge was that he needed someone who would gently help him, someone who understands that an 8 year old interested in calculus is still an 8 year old child emotionally and socially. 

I was browsing the internet for a possible match, and I accidentally came across the page of Heather Finotti. The moment I saw her picture something magical happened in my heart and I felt this was it! I found HER! 

Heather is one of a kind. She is very intelligent, kind, funny, caring and very knowledgeable! My son fell in love in classes with her after the first one, and ever since they have been working together! Heather has a very gentle approach in teaching, a child will never feel pressured with her -- she asks questions, so a child comes to his own conclusions and his own discoveries. Our son does not want to miss a single class with her, even during the summer break, and that tells us a lot! 

Not only has his math knowledge has been soaring with Heather, but I also noticed he became a calmer and happier child after meeting Heather.  Heather has a passion for helping many kids in this world learn to love math - to heal any bad emotions that child had in the past for math! What a beautiful mission in my opinion! Math is a language of the universe, so I am very excited for all the kids who will be taken on a journey of discovering the magic of this universal language with Heather!"

"I used to take tutoring lesson’s from Mrs. Finotti when I was taking calculus in high school. I owe most of my calc confidence and proficiency to her and her explanations. From concepts that I mostly understood to problems I just had no idea where to start, Mrs. Finotti would find a way to explain things in just the right wording so that it would click (even when it required a lot of patience to do so). After finishing my calc class in high school and moving on to take calc in college, I found I was much better prepared for college level calculus/upper level math than most of my peers. As stated above I credit Mrs. Finotti with helping me reach that level of math success, and I highly recommend her as a tutor/teacher/math mentor. Whether you just want a general understanding of concepts or you want to get your math to the best it can possibly be, Mrs. Finotti is more than capable to tutor or set you up with the resources to maximize your success in mathematics."
Elijah Sayre, Age 19, Engineering Student at Tennessee Technological University
"I found Heather through my calculus 1 college professor’s recommendation. I was majoring in chemical engineering. I had done really well in Algebra in high school but calculus was different and more challenging. I did poorly on my first test and I couldn’t figure out why or how to get better.

I met with Heather, who had a very calming presence and is very intelligent. She was able to figure out that I was mostly suffering from test anxiety. She gave me great methods to calm myself down and take each problem step by step in a systemic way. She has a passion for teaching, she’s so smart, but also has empathy and cares which helps tremendously.

I went through calculus II, III, differential equations, and a matrix course. She was also able to help me with my computer programming courses using MatLab. I couldn’t have graduated without her. We met weekly. I went from a nervous wreck to getting a 100% in my calculus three class. I learned so much and I gained a life long friend. I’m now a physician in Grand Rapids, MI."

"The last couple years I started getting into math for its own sake, but I didn’t really know where to begin. When I started working with Heather, she focused my interest and took me deeper into higher math, all while making it really fun. She consistently offered interesting new ways of thinking about math and was always willing to deep dive into interesting topics as they came up. She was really good at making everything intuitive, never resorting to “it just is” but instead, diving into the “why.” I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to learn more about math."
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